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paused an episode of Parks & Rec

got the best Andy screencap of all time

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Sufjan Stevens Renames Kitchen Appliances



Perishables! Come Congregate in the Cold!

Little Hot Waves, Or, Let’s Get Brain Cancer While We Wait For The Popcorn

Mix Your Drinks! (Stir! Whip! Purée!)

A Configuration of Whisks Which, When Activated, Allow Sufjan Stevens to Cook a Fluffier Omelette

Toaster (For the Toastless)

omg this is the best.

i love sufjan.

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is that not what the book’s about?

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Temeraire Series: In His Majesty’s Service - Part 1

"If you would like to have your ship back," Temeraire said, "I will let someone else ride me. Not him, because he says things that are not true; but I will not make you stay."

Laurence stood motionless for a moment, his hands still on Temeraire’s head, with the dragon’s warm breath curling around him.

"No, my dear," he said at last, softly, knowing it was only the truth. "I would rather have you than any ship in the Navy."

-His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik

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Me: “What browser are you on?”

Client: “Google.”

Me: “Google Chrome?”

Client: “No, just regular Google.”

Me: “That’s the site. I want to know the browser.”

Client: “Google.”

Me: “No.”

Client: “Look, we can have this conversation forever, man. But when I hit the internet logo, Google comes up!”

Me: “Okay…What does that “internet logo” look like?

Client: “…A fiery fox, I guess. But that’s irrelevant.”

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This style of programming that we saw the anguish of my spirit; I will complain in the bitterness of my soul.

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trying to fight the urge to make a Corbin Underwood playlist almost exclusively made up of The National songs

not succeeding

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French artist Xoil has a characteristic tattooing style that looks like he has stamped, stenciled, or drawn directly with a felt-tip pen on his clients’ bodies.

i will reblog these every time i see them because they are the most beautiful tattoos i’ve ever seen

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